YKK #10 Zipper Top (5 Each) & Bottom (5 Each) Stops - Antique Brass

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Top & Bottom Zipper Stoppers

Top & Bottom Zipper Stoppers

Zipper Stops are an essential part of any sewist’s toolkit for doing zipper repairs and replacements. These universal zipper stoppers will work on any zipper, and are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Zipper Stops keep the zipper slider on track, and are essential for replacing broken or missing stops, installing new stops in continuous zipper coil, and replacing zipper sliders. Bottom stops are used on closed-end zippers, like pant, skirt, dress, or bag zippers. Available in a variety of finishes and sizes.

Replacing Zipper Stops | How To Replace Zipper Stops | Replacement Zipper Stops

Replacing Zipper Stops

Replacing or installing a zipper stopper is a fairly straightforward process with a few simple tools: you will need a pair of end nippers, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a replacement zipper stopper in the same size as your zipper coil. First, remove the desired zipper stop if necessary by clipping it with end nippers and removing with pliers. For top stops, place the new stopper at the top of the zipper and crimp lightly with pliers to close. For bottom stops, pierce through the tape where you’d like the slide to stop and crimp with pliers to secure the stop in place.