Sewing Kits


Shop Portable Sewing Kits at WAKAK Sewing Supplies.

Compact and convenient sewing kits are great for a variety of uses. Small enough to take on the go, a Sewing Kit can be great to have on hand in a purse, bag, or pocket for last-minute garment repairs and adjustments. WAWAK Sewing Kits are also a unique way to promote your business and show appreciation for your customers. These compact sewing kits include thread, needles, and a few other small sewing notions and make great promotional items. WAWAK even offers the option to custom-print sewing kits with your business name or logo for an extra-memorable giveaway. Browse all of our available sewing kits on this page, and feel free to check out our other products for your business under Store Items in the navigation bar.