Quilt Binding, Blanket Binding & Seam Binding


Binding Tapes For Quilts, Hems, And More.

Whether you’re sewing skirts or blankets, the right binding is key to a perfectly finished edge. With Seam and Quilt Binding Tapes from WAWAK, you can find the ideal binding tape for your projects. Use seam binding tapes to encase and finish raw edges like hems, cuffs, or necklines. They’re available in multiple styles and perfect for garments like skirts, dresses, blouses, and more. For quilts and blankets, try Quilt Binding Tapes. These fabric binding tapes, including quilt binding bias tape and other blanket bindings, are wide enough to easily enclose raw edges on objects like blankets and quilts for the perfect binding. Choose from multiple colors and styles to find the perfect Seam and Quilt Binding Tapes for your next project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Seam Binding Tapes

What is binding tape used for in sewing?

In sewing, binding tape is used to enclose a raw edge for a neat finish, a technique known as "binding." It's ideal for items like hems, necklines, sleeves, or quilt and blanket edges. Binding Tape can also be used as a decorative trim or facing or to create piping and casings.


What types of projects require binding tape?

Binding tape is commonly used in quilting to finish the outside edges of a blanket or other quilted item. In apparel sewing, binding tape is used to finish hems, sleeves, and necklines, or as a decorative trim.