Braided Elastic


Add Stretch With All-Purpose Braided Elastic.

As one of the most versatile and popular styles of elastic, Braided Elastic is a great choice for general-use sewing. Its parallel-ribbed structure gives this elastic lots of grip and lengthwise stretch, and causes the elastic to narrow when stretched. This type of elastic can lose some of its stretch when sewn through, so it’s a better option for applications where the braided elastic band is used inside a casing. It's a great choice for items like waistbands, necklines, leg bands, arm bands, and other general elastic uses. Choose from Braided Elastic in a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for your project. Both white and black Braided Elastic are available.




Frequently Asked Questions About Braided Elastic

What is Braided Elastic used for?

Braided Elastic works great for applications where the elastic is in a casing, such as necklines, sleeve hems, leg bands, or hair scrunchies.


Can you sew Braided Elastic?

Braided Elastic can lose its stretch when pierced with a needle, so it's best to avoid sewing through the elastic directly.