Pressing Accessories

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Make Pressing and Ironing Easy with Pressing Accessories.

If you’re pressing and ironing garments, you want to ensure a crisp, professional finish. Find everything you need to do just that with Pressing Accessories from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Pressing Accessories are super helpful to have on hand, whether you need tools to help you shape garments, press delicate materials, evenly mist fabrics, or iron hard-to-reach areas. Choose from pressing hams, sleeve boards, seam rolls, pressing cloths, velvet boards, tie forms, tailor boards, and many more.

Shaping tools like pressing hams, cuff shapers, sleeve boards, and other tools help you create the perfect forms and easily maintain the garment’s natural curves and shapes. If you're ironing delicate fabrics, accessories like pressing sheets, pressing cloths, velvet boards, and other tools prevent shine marks from scorching and other fabric damage. Shop all pressing accessories here to find everything you need to get the perfect finish on garments and other projects.