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Finish edges, seams, and hems with Bias Tape for a professional, polished finish. Bias Tape consists of a fabric tape that’s cut on the bias and pre-folded for use as a binding or facing. It’s often used to bind raw edges like hems, necklines, sleeves, and quilted items, and even to finish seams on the inside of items for a professional finish inside and out. Because it’s made from bias-cut fabric, Bias Tape has a bit of stretch that makes it a bit easier to work with, especially for curved seams. Known for its versatility, this fabric sewing tape can also be used to create casings, quilt designs, decorative trims or facings, and more. Two styles of Bias Tape are available: single-fold and double-fold. Single-Fold Bias Tape is folded once and primarily used only on one side of a project as a hem or facing. Double-Fold Bias tape has an additional fold that makes it suitable for binding or completely encasing a fabric edge. Shop Bias Tapes in a variety of colors and sizes at WAWAK.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bias Tape

What is bias tape used for?

Bias tape is primarily used to finish raw fabric edges such as hems, sleeves, necklines, and quilt edges. It can also be used to make piping, casings, and decorative trims and facings.


What is the difference between single and double fold bias tape?

Single-fold bias tape has only one fold and is most often used on one side of the fabric as a trim or facing. Double-fold bias tape is folded twice, making it easy to fold over a fabric edge and finish a fabric edge on both sides.


What makes bias tape different from other fabric tapes?

Unlike most other fabric tapes, bias tape is cut on the fabric bias (at a 45 degree angle to the fabric grain). This gives bias tape a bit of stretch ideal for working with curved edges and seams.