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Keep Fabrics Spotless with Stain Removers and Fabric Cleaners.

We get it—stains happen! But a small stain or blemish doesn't have to ruin a project: WAWAK has you covered with all the Spotting & Cleaning Supplies you need to keep your fabrics spotless. Our cleaning and spotting products are suitable for most materials and textures, from carpeting to quilts and everything in between. Whether you need to remove odors, stains, or blemishes from your fabrics or finished pieces, we’ve got you covered. Choose from stain removers, spot cleaners, and odor eliminators for a variety of fabric and stain types, plus spotting brushes and accessories to help remove persistent stains. From ink removers to embroidery stain removers, there’s no stain that you can’t remove. Shop all of our Spotting and Cleaning supplies at WAWAK to keep your fabrics stain-free and in top condition.