Sewing Grommets for Fabric


Sewing Grommets For Fabric, Home Decor, Crafts, Bags and More.

Reinforce and strengthen fabric holes with Grommets from WAWAK. These metal and plastic sewing grommets are used to finish fabric openings and prevent stretching, tearing, or fraying. Grommets are applicable for a wide variety of projects from bags to curtains, outdoor gear, and more. Rolled-rim grommets have an extra-strong hold for heavy-duty fabrics like canvas or webbing, making them a great choice for outdoor applications like tarps, tents, and backpacks. Or, try standard grommets for other common applications like home décor and bag making. Need the right tools to install your grommets? We also offer grommet inserters, grommet pliers, and all the other tools you’ll need to get started—shop all available sewing grommets and grommet tools here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Grommets

How do you install grommets?

Grommets can be installed using hand tools and a grommet inserter, grommet pliers, or a hand press with grommet die attachment.


What different kinds of grommets do you have available?

We offer three styles of grommets: rolled rim grommets for heavy materials like webbing and leather, curtain grommets for drapery, and standard grommets for bags, outdoor applications, décor, and more.


What are grommets used for?

Grommets are used to reinforce the outer edges of a fabric hole or opening. Using a grommet prevents the fabric around the hole from stretching, tearing, or fraying and adds strength to the material. You'll often see them used on items like handbags, curtains, tarps, flags, and many other everyday objects providing extra reinforcement for an attachment point or a place to hang an item.