Thread Snips


Thread Snips for Convenient Thread Trimming.

Trim threads quickly and easily as you work using Thread Snips from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Snips are designed to use while sewing to cut thread, trim loose ends, and make small fabric cuts. Their efficient design makes it easy to snip threads quickly without interrupting your workflow. Thread Snippers are spring-loaded for minimal effort, with perfectly shaped blades designed for making small, precise cuts without wearing the blades down unevenly. Many thread clips also feature a convenient ring so you can hang them from a finger, sewing machine, or other accessible location so they’re always within reach. Choose from standard, heavy-duty, or featherweight thread snips. WAWAK also carries other styles of thread clippers, including thread pendants. Browse all thread snips here to find the perfect thread trimmer for you.