Vest Buckles


Vest Buckles For The Perfect Fit On Vests, Blouses, And More.

Vest Buckles are ideal for cinching ties on the back of vests, blouses, and other garments and accessories. With a 3/4" opening, the small slide adjuster buckles are perfect for use with straps, belting, and elastic. Easily install the buckle by sliding it onto the tie or belting to create an adjustable strap. They feature teeth to grip fabric straps for a secure hold and are easy to install. Choose from several finishes, including black, gold, silver, and nickel. Shop Vest Buckles here to find the slide buckle you need to adjust vests and other garments.




Frequently Asked Questions About Vest Buckles

What are vest buckles used for?

Vest buckles are most commonly used to adjust waist ties on the back of vests. These slide adjusters allow you to cinch the waist for a better fit. They can also be used to make other 3/4" wide adjustable straps.


How do you apply vest buckles?

To install a vest buckle, simply guide your strap under the buckle and feed it through the first opening, over the center bar, and through the second opening. Then, fold over the excess fabric and stitch in place.