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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewing Thread

How do I choose the right material thread for my sewing project?

One quick, easy way to choose a thread material is to match it to your fabric (cotton thread for cotton fabric, polyester thread for poly blends, etc.). You might also consider the thread’s look, feel, durability, stretch, and any special requirements your project might have, like UV or heat resistance. Not sure where to start? Try shopping Sewing Thread by Use to see threads by project type.


What is thread wax used for? Is it necessary?

Thread Wax is used in hand sewing to protect threads from fraying, tangling, and breakage. Thread Wax is not necessary for all hand-sewing projects, but it is recommended for high-friction sewing applications like leather or canvas stitching, beading, attaching buttons, or sewing any coarse or dense material. Many sewers also use Thread Wax for embroidery or quilting to maintain the thread’s smooth appearance.


What types of thread are the longest lasting or heaviest duty?

For general sewing, some of the heaviest-duty threads are polyester or nylon Upholstery/Heavy Duty Threads. These heavy-weight threads are made of strong materials and are designed for heavy-duty sewing. For specialized or industrial sewing, even heavier-duty threads are available, including Kevlar Thread for protective gear and fire-retardant Nomex Thread.


How do I know what thread is compatible with my sewing machine?

If you’re using a home sewing machine, we recommend using a thread that’s no heavier than Tex 70. Otherwise, any thread that’s labeled for sewing machine use should be compatible with most domestic sewing machines. If you’re unsure about a specific thread, you can always give us a call with any questions you might have!