Foam Bra Cups


Foam Bra Cups For Sewing Everyday Garments.

When it comes to lightweight, versatile bra inserts for your sewing projects, you've got lots of options. Our foam bra cups are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, including push-up, low-cut, teardrop, round, half-pad, demi pad, and full-coverage. Made of polyester-covered foam, these foam bra inserts help shape and firm the bustline with lightweight support. Whether you're sewing a swimsuit, dress, blouse, strapless top, bra, camisole, or another garment requiring a bra insert, you're sure to find the perfect match for your garment project here. Foam bra cups are available with serged or non-serged edges and can be sewn directly into a garment or lining. Find the perfect foam bra cups for sewing swimsuits, strapless garments, and other clothing here—plus, mix and match styles and colors to save on your order!




Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Bra Cups

What is the difference between serged and non-serged foam bra cups?

Serged bra cups feature a finished serged edge, whereas non-serged bra cups have a raw edge. Serged bra cups are a better option for applications where the bra cup rests against the skin because the finished edge will be more comfortable to wear and have a more finished appearance. Non-serged bra cups are ideal when the bra cup is used as an insert or sewn into a lining and will not touch the skin directly.


What type of foam is used for bra cups?

Our foam bra cups are made of lightweight polyurethane foam with a polyester fabric covering.