Buttonhole Elastic


Expand Your Waistbands With Buttonhole Elastic.

For waistbands that require a bit more adjustability, Buttonhole Elastic is the perfect solution. Ideal for children’s waistbands, maternity clothing, or re-sizing existing garments, this elastic with buttonholes allows you to build multiple sizing options right into the waistband. The evenly spaced buttonholes in this elastic make it easy for the user to adjust the waistband of pants, skirts, and other garments to the desired size. Buttonhole Elastic can be installed in an existing garment to resize the waist or added to a new waistband to leave room to grow. Choose from several sizes of buttonhole elastic to create the perfect fit for your garments.




Frequently Asked Questions About Buttonhole Elastic

What is Buttonhole Elastic used for?

Buttonhole Elastic is used to make adjustable waistbands. It can be used to expand an existing waistband or create a new adjustable waistband.


How do you install Buttonhole Elastic?

To install Buttonhole Elastic, make a buttonhole on each side of the garment opening on the inner lining of the waistband. Finish off the ends of the elastic by folding them over and stitching them in place. Insert the elastic into the garment waistband and pull the elastic ends through the buttonholes, leaving a few inches of elastic outside of the casing on the inside of the garment—these are the buttonholes you'll use to adjust the waistband. Finish the waistband as necessary. Stitch the elastic vertically in the back of the garment to secure and add a button next to each buttonhole on the inside of the garment. Then you're all set! Adjust the size of the waistband as needed by slipping the button through the exposed buttonholes.