Replacement Snap Button Kits


Keep Spare Snaps Handy With Replacement Snap Button Kits.

If you're someone who goes through a lot of snaps, Snap Trays are a must-have. These snap button kits offer an assortment of sew-on snaps in one tray, so you'll have all the replacement snap buttons you need whenever you need them. Whether you find yourself frequently replacing snaps or like to use them in your sewing creations, these replacement snap button kits are an excellent option for keeping sew-on snaps on hand. Each Snap Tray has 420 sew-on nickel or black snap buttons in various sizes. Sizes range from size 0000 (1/4" diameter) to size 10 (3/4" diameter). Shop for Snap Trays here to stock up on sew-on snap buttons for future projects.




Frequently Asked Questions About Snap Button Kits

What kinds of snaps are included in your Snap Trays?

Our snap trays include sew-on snaps in an assortment of sizes and two finishes: black and nickel.


What are the advantages of using sew-on snaps?

Sew-on snaps don't require special tools or hardware to install; they can be installed with just a hand-sewing needle and thread. Because they're attached by sewing, they're also very versatile and can be applied to both lightweight fabrics and thicker materials.