Nylon Thread

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Extra-Strong Nylon Threads at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

Nylon Thread is known for its high tensile strength and stretch. One of the most strong and flexible thread materials available, Nylon Thread is an ideal choice for sewing heavy fabrics such as upholstered furniture and home décor. Its smooth, glossy finish makes these sewing threads low-lint and very abrasion-resistant. For extra high-friction sewing applications such as high-speed industrial sewing or working with stiff materials like vinyl and leather, Nylon Bonded Threads are also available. Bonded Nylon has even higher abrasion resistance due to its special “bonding” process and is perfect for applications like handbags, totes, luggage, shoes, tents, and upholstery. Browse Nylon and Bonded Nylon Threads to find a super-strong thread for your projects.