Starch & Static Sprays


Fabric Sizing & Starch Sprays For a Crisp, Professional Finish.

No project is complete without a smooth, wrinkle-free finish. Keep your fabrics looking crisp and professional with Starch and Static Sprays from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Using a starch spray while ironing makes ironing fabrics easier and keeps garments looking freshly ironed all day. The smooth coating created by the starch spray allows the iron to glide over the fabric without resistance so you don't have to struggle when you're pressing the iron down. Starch also provides a flexible hold on fabrics so they stay exceptionally crisp after ironing, are less prone to wrinkles, and hold their shape longer. It even provides dirt and stain protection because particles stick to the starch before the fabric itself. Sizing Sprays are very similar but provide a less stiff, more flexible finish. Starch Sprays are available from light to heavy hold. We also carry Static Sprays, which are ideal for eliminating static electricity charges on furniture, rugs, draperies, and more. Shop all Starch and Static Sprays here to achieve crisp, professional results in no time.