Lingerie Elastic


Comfortable, Elegant Lingerie Elastics For Undergarments and Fine Fabrics.

Beautiful garments start with the finest materials. At WAWAK, we offer a range of soft, comfortable lingerie elastics for bras, underwear, lingerie and other fine apparel pieces. Lingerie Elastics include bra strap elastic, soft lace elastic, picot elastic, elastic with silicone backings, and more. Stylish and comfortable against the skin, these fine elastics are both decorative and functional. Whether you need elastic for straps, waistbands, bra bands, finishing edges, or a decorative trim, you’re sure to find the Lingerie Elastic you’re looking for here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Lingerie Elastics

What lingerie elastics do you offer?

At WAWAK, we offer a variety of soft, stylish lingerie elastics, including Picot Elastic with a decorative scalloped edge, elastic with a silicone backing to make sure straps stay in place, Bra Strap Elastic, extra-soft Plush Elastic, elegant Lace Lingerie Elastic, and more.


What is the most comfortable elastic?

Plush Lingerie Elastic is our softest elastic, featuring a soft, brushed backing that provides extra comfort for applications where the elastic lays against the skin.