Elastics & Pre-Made Waistbands

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Every Style of Sewing Elastic at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

It’s no stretch to say that there are a lot of styles of elastic—or that you can find many of them at WAWAK Sewing Supplies! Whatever your sewing needs, we’ve got the right elastic for you. Choose from a variety of elastic styles including braided elastic, woven elastic, knit elastic, lingerie elastic, and much more. Braided Elastic is one of the most popular elastic types. It should be used in a casing because it loses stretch when sewn through directly. Knit and Woven Elastics can be sewn through directly and are a little less soft. For waistbands, non-roll elastics are specifically designed to prevent waistbands from rolling down.

Elastics are also available in non-elastic stretch materials, as well as a variety of specialty elastics including swim, sport, and maternity elastics. Browse all elastics here to find the perfect stretch solution for your projects.