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Sport, Work And Dress Shirt Buttons In Every Size And Style.

For quality shirt buttons of every style and size, look no further than WAWAK. We offer a large selection of shirt buttons for button-fronts, collars, and sleeves for sports shirts, dress shirts, and everything in between. Whether you’re sewing shirts for everyday wear, work, sports, uniforms, or designer fashion, you can find the perfect dress shirt button here. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes to find the perfect match for your work. Browse all of our available shirt buttons right here to get started with WAWAK’s super-fast shipping, great prices, and outstanding customer service.




Frequently Asked Questions About Shirt Buttons

What materials are your dress shirt buttons constructed from?

All of our shirt buttons are made of sturdy plastics like polyester or melamine.


Which buttons would be suited for more casual style shirts?

Our standard shirt buttons or sport shirt buttons are a great choice for more casual button-up shirts, polos, and sports wear.

What size button should I use for a shirt?

Shirt-front buttons can range from sizes 16L-22L depending on your desired look, but many sewers consider 16L to be the standard shirt button size. For sleeve and collar buttons, it's common to use a smaller button around 13L-16L.