Molded Plastic Jacket Zippers


Plastic Jacket Zippers for Jackets, Sportswear, Outdoor Gear and More.

Finish your next project with a Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper. Molded Plastic Jacket Zippers are lightweight and flexible, with matching teeth, tape, and slider colors. Jacket Zippers, also known as separating zippers or open-end zippers, come apart at the bottom so that the two sides of the zipper tape can completely separate. They are ideal for coats, jackets, sweatshirts, and any project with detaching elements. Plastic zippers are a great choice for outdoor, sports, and casual wear. Choose from One-Way Zippers with one slider, Two-Way Zippers with two sliders, and Reversible Zippers with a slider that functions on either side of the zipper tape. Molded Plastic Jacket Zippers are available in several tooth sizes and lengths so you can find the perfect zipper for your projects.