Replacement Bra Hooks & Eyes


Bra Hook & Eye Closures and Replacement Bra Hooks For Bras, Lingerie and More.

Hooks and eyes are standard bra closures for a reason! These tiny fasteners might be simple, but they are secure. Often used in rows, Bra Hook and Eye Closures feature two components (a hook and an eye) that fasten together to form the garment closure. Whether you’re repairing a bra closure or sewing a new bra or undergarment, we have the hooks and eyes you need for a closure you can rely on.  Individually stitch Bra Hooks & Eyes to your garment by hand, or opt for Hook and Eye Tape for a more convenient way to add a lot of hook and eye closures at once. Hook and Eye Tape consists of a fabric strip with hooks and eyes already installed in the fabric—simply stitch the fabric in place to apply. Whichever your preferred hook and eye style might be, shop all of our available Bra Hooks & Eyes here to find the perfect fit.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Hooks & Eyes

How do you install bra hook & eye closures?

Bra hooks and eyes can be installed by hand stitching, and Hook & Eye Tape or Bra Back extenders can be stitched in place by hand or machine.


Are there different sizes of hooks and eyes?

Some styles of our bra hooks and eyes come in different sizes, ranging from size 0 (1/4" x 1/16") to size 3 (3/8" x 1/4"). Check out our Hook & Eye Size Chart for a to-scale guide to hook and eye sizes.