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Find All The Drapery Hardware You Need In One Place At WAWAK.

Drapery sewers, all the hardware you need is right here. From drapery hooks to rings, WAWAK has all the Drapery Hardware a sewer could ask for! Use drapery weights to reduce flaring, ensuring that your curtains drape perfectly. Hang curtains and drapery with drapery rings, and perfect the appearance of pleats and with drapery pins, also known as drapery hooks. Find everything you need to install pulleys and drawcords with cord cleats, cord pulls, and more pully hardware, or keep curtains where you want them with drapery bands. No matter what type of drapery hardware you’re looking for, you’re sure to find just what you need at WAWAK. Shop these and more Drapery Hardware here to get started on that professional finish and perfect presentation.




Frequently Asked Questions About Drapery Hardware

What different kinds of drapery hardware do you carry?

We offer a variety of drapery weights, drapery hooks, cord pulls, shade tapes, drapery rings, and more helpful hardware for drapery sewing.


What is the best hardware for attaching curtains to rods?

The best hardware for your curtain depends on what style of curtain header you need! For pleated curtains that are easier to move back and forth, you can create a ring attachment for your curtains using drapery pins and drapery rings. For a more contemporary look, you can install a row of grommets to thread the curtain rod through. Or you can skip the hardware altogether by sewing a fabric pocket or fabric tabs into the curtain header, though these styles of curtain typically can't move back and forth as easily as those with rings or grommets.