Shirt Studs, Cuff Studs & Cuff Links


Perfect Shirt Presentation With Shirt Studs, Cuff Studs and Cuff Links.

Put your best foot forward with Shirt and Cuff Studs from WAWAK. Often used by tailors and sewers, these cuff links and shirt studs are perfect for packaging or displaying your shirts for sales or returning to customers. Cuff links and cuff studs are perfect for shirt cuffs on tuxedos and other garments with French cuffs. Using cuff links on these items keeps them buttoned up and adds a high-end, professional finish. Similarly, shirt front studs are used on tuxedos and dress shirts to keep button-fronts neat and create a sophisticated appearance. Shop Shirt Studs and Cuff Studs at WAWAK to package shirts with a professional finish. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Shirt Studs, Cuff Studs And Cuff Links

What are shirt and cuff studs used for? Are they just for looks?

Shirt and cuff studs are used to create a neat, buttoned appearance on shirt front or sleeves, especially for formal garments like tuxedos. Tailors, alterationists, and dry cleaners often finish customers' garments with shirt or cuff studs before returning them for an added professional touch.


Which materials are your cuff studs made from?

At WAWAK, we offer cuff links and shirt studs in both plastic and metal. Plastic shirt studs are typically used by tailors and other businesses to add a neat, professional appearance to finished garments. Metal cuff links and shirt studs offer a higher-end finish and more reusability.