Garment Baggers


Save Time With Garment Baggers For Poly Garment Bags.

If you’re returning high volumes of garments to customers, a Garment Bagger is a must-have tool. These poly garment bag dispensers make bagging garments much quicker and more efficient, saving you precious time. Garment Baggers are used with plastic garment bag rolls to quickly and easily place the garment in a bag. Each garment bagger features a place to hold one or more poly bag rolls and a bagging jack to hang the garment while the bag is pulled over it. Free-standing jacks without a bag holder are also available. Choose from several styles of Garment Bagger, ranging from smaller, space-saving styles to larger industrial racks. Browse all Garment Baggers here, and find our Poly Garment Bag Rolls under Garment Bags in the navigation bar.