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Thread Color Packs at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

When you need a variety of thread colors, Thread Packs are the perfect solution. Whether you need a selection of colors for a specific project or like to keep a variety of threads on hand, find the perfect thread pack to suit your sewing needs. Several of our most popular threads are available in Thread Packs, including Gutermann Mara Thread Packs, Maxi-Lock Color Packs, and Dual Duty XP Assorted Color Packs. Thread Pack options include Gutermann Mara Tones and Shades, packs of beautiful color palettes assembled from popular color combinations, which are an excellent choice for projects that might require a selection of thread colors. For a larger selection of colors, choose from one of our other thread variety packs like the Gutermann Mara Bestsellers pack or a Maxi-Lock Thread Pack containing all available Maxi-Lock colors. You’ve found your perfect thread, now find all the colors you need in one convenient place.