Plastic Strap Adjusters & Swivel Hooks


Complete Your Straps With Sturdy Plastic Strap Adjusters And Swivel Hooks.

Durable, functional plastic strap slides and swivel hooks are the perfect addition to straps of all kinds. Ideal for backpacks, luggage, outdoor gear, sporting equipment, laptop and camera bags, and other functional bag projects, these sturdy strap adjusters and swivel hooks provide the secure attachments you need for an adjustable or detachable strap. Use tri-glide buckles or strap slides to make a strap adjustable, or add a plastic swivel hook to a strap to create a removable attachment point. Shop for plastic strap slides, swivel hooks, and other sturdy plastic bag hardware here to complete your straps with reliable hardware for professional results.




Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Strap Adjusters & Swivel Hooks

What projects can plastic strap hardware be used for?

Plastic strap hardware like swivel hooks and strap slides are often used on outdoor and casual bags like backpacks, fanny packs, lunch bags, totes, and outdoor gear. Swivel hooks are added to detachable straps and strap slides are used for adjustable straps.


What materials are your plastic strap slides and swivel hooks made of?

All of our plastic swivel hooks and strap slides are made of durable polyacetal plastic.

How are strap slides sized?

Strap slide measurements on our site refer to the width of the inside of the strap opening—the area where the strap or webbing is placed. Choose a strap slide that matches the width of your strap for the best possible fit.