Bra Straps & Replacement Bra Strap Elastic


High-Quality Bra Straps And Elastic For Bra Making And Repair.

Whether you’re repairing a bra or sewing a new one, high-quality bra straps and lingerie elastic are essential to any comfortable, wearable finished product. WAWAK's quality Bra Straps and Elastic are comfortable against the skin and offer all the stretch and softness you need for sewing bras, lingerie, and other fine garments. Bring a worn-out garment back to life with replacement bra straps or create new straps yourself using bra strap elastic. Shop Bra Straps and Elastic here to get started with your next project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Straps & Replacement Bra Strap Elastic

What materials are best when making bra straps?

For bra straps, it's best to choose a strong elastic that lies flat and is comfortable against the skin, like our Bra Strap Elastic. For a no-show effect, you can also try clear Plastic Shoulder Straps.


What do I need to make an adjustable bra strap?

For a standard adjustable bra strap, you'll need bra strap elastic, strap sliders, and bra strap rings. Be sure the hardware you choose is the same width as your elastic for the adjustable strap to function correctly.