Rayon Thread


Rayon Threads for Machine Embroidery with Shine & Luster.

Create glossy, flawless embroidered designs using Rayon Thread. Rayon Thread is primarily used for machine embroidery due to its softness, color, and shine. Perfectly suited for machine embroidery, these threads are lightweight with enough strength to withstand industrial machine embroidery at all speeds. Rayon Threads are also known for being very soft and flexible, making them suitable for any design, even those with tight corners. They’re wearable and soft against the skin even at high stitch counts, so you don’t have to worry about having an uncomfortable backing to your embroidery. Best of all, Rayon Threads have a lustrous finish and rich color so you can display your designs with shine. Browse Rayon Threads to find the perfect machine embroidery thread for your designs.