Quilting & Crochet Thread


Quilting Thread and Crochet Thread for Quilting and Crafting.

Bring your projects to life with Quilting & Crochet Threads. Whether you need a thread for hand quilting, machine quilting, edge stitching, or applique, our Quilting Threads will help you get the job done. Quilting threads are strong and thick enough to hold a quilt together, but light and flexible enough to work with soft materials. Choose from cotton, polyester, or cotton/polyester blend threads for the Quilting Thread that most closely matches your fabric. Crochet threads are a thick, versatile thread used in crafting and sewing for thread crochet, button loops, dress belt looping, and making bustles. Browse Quilting & Crochet Threads here to find the perfect thread for your next quilting or crafting project.