Replacement Button Kit Trays


Keep All Your Buttons Handy With Replacment Button Kits.

Whether you need to use a lot of buttons at once or just like to stay prepared, WAWAK Button Trays are the ideal way to make sure you have enough buttons on hand. These button kits contain an assortment of buttons grouped by use and varying in size, color, or design so you can find the perfect match. Choose from several collections of assorted buttons, including shirt buttons, metal jean buttons, decorative shirt buttons, pant and suit buttons, and buttons for suspenders. Button Trays are a great way to keep replacement buttons on hand for repairs. They’re also ideal for anyone sewing multiples of a specific item or those who frequently sew the same style of garment. Shop Button Trays here to find the best button kit to suit your sewing needs.




Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Button Kit Trays

Which button kit is best for general use and is most likely to have replacement buttons for common garments?

Our Sport Shirt Mixed Fancy Button Tray might be a good option for general use—it contains everyday sport shirt buttons in a variety of sizes and solid colors, making it a pretty versatile option. However, the best button kit for you depends largely on the type of garments you'll be sewing.


How many assorted buttons do the button kits have?

The number of buttons included in a tray varies depending on the style and size of the buttons included in the kit. Amounts range from 150 buttons per tray (Jean Tack Button Trays) to 1,152 buttons per tray (Sport Shirt Mixed Button Trays).