Replacement Jean Buttons


Classic, Durable Replacement Jean Buttons For Denim And More.

Whether you’re repairing a well-worn pair of jeans or sewing a new pair of slacks, our Metal Jean Buttons are exactly what you need for a sturdy pant button closure. With durable construction and a classic look, these jean buttons are ideal for use on dense and heavy fabrics like denim, corduroy, heavy twill, and more. Metal Jean Buttons are the standard choice for button-front closures on jeans and other pants and work perfectly as replacement buttons for jeans. Choose from several designs and metal finishes to find the best jean button for your project. Hand tools (an awl and hammer or mallet) or a press tool with a corresponding die are required to install Metal Jean Buttons. Shop Metal Jean Buttons right here at WAWAK to find the perfect button closure for your repair or sewing project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Jean Buttons

Are your replacement jean buttons built to last?

With their sturdy metal construction, our jean buttons are built to be long-lasting and withstand repeated washes and wear.


What designs do you have available for jean buttons?

Jean buttons are available with no design or a raised oak leaf or star design. Multiple finishes are also available, including antique brass, antique copper, antique silver, black nickel, brass, and nickel.