Oak Leaf Jean Buttons - 27L / 17mm - 3 Dozen - Antique Copper

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Metal Jean Buttons for Jeans and Pants

Metal Jean Buttons for Jeans and Pants

The perfect finishing touch to any pair of jeans, khakis, trousers, or other pants, Metal Jean Buttons and Tacks are a durable and classic closure for fastening jean and pant waistbands. Finish a new pair of pants or replace a worn or missing button with these secure and long-lasting replacement jean buttons. Jean Buttons require a hammer or mallet to install in a garment; the tack is hammered into the button to keep it securely in place. Metal Jean Buttons are available with different colors and finishes to match your design.

How to Install Metal Jean Buttons

How to Install Metal Jean Buttons

To install a Metal Jean Button, first use an awl to puncture a small hole in the desired area of your fabric, just large enough for the tack to slide through. Insert the “post” end of the tack through the hole from the wrong side of the fabric through to the front. Line up the back of the button with the tack post, then place the button face down on a flat surface. Use a hammer or mallet to lightly tap the tack into place until the button and tack have fully snapped together. The button will not turn or rotate once it is securely in place. To install a Jean Button without the need for a hammer or mallet, use a Press Tool with the appropriate Jean Button attachments.