Sewing Thimbles


Find Your New Favorite Thimble at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

When it comes to hand sewing, a Thimble is a sewer’s best friend—and we've got your perfect match at WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Thimbles are typically worn on the middle finger while hand sewing to push the needle through the fabric using that finger. Doing so protects the finger and allows you to hand sew much more quickly. They're an essential accessory for everyone who does hand embroidery, mending, couture sewing, or any sewing by hand.

We know that choosing a sewing thimble depends a lot on what’s comfortable for you. That's why WAWAK offers several styles and materials of Thimbles so you can choose what suits your sewing style the best. Choose from Brass, Leather, and Rubber options, as well as closed and open styles. Closed Thimbles are covered on top, where Open Thimbles have an opening for the tip of the finger. Metal Thimbles are the most durable option, followed by Leather Thimbles which mold to your finger for the perfect fit over time. Rubber and Plastic Thimbles are the most lightweight and flexible options. Shop all Thimbles here to find your new favorite sewing accessory.