D Rings For Belts


D-Rings For Belts, Coveralls, And Garments.

Find high-quality D-rings for belts, straps, coveralls, and other garments here. These highly versatile pieces of hardware can be used to create metal closures, connection points for straps, or attachment points for hanging items like key rings. Or, use two D-rings together to create a belt closure that’s fully adjustable. Choose from plastic D-rings, metal D-rings, or D-rings with metal clasps to find the perfect fit for your project. Whether you’re sewing belts, straps, sashes, bags, or another project with a metal closure, browse all of our D-rings for belts and other garments here.




Frequently Asked Questions About D-Rings

What are D-rings used for in apparel sewing?

D-rings can be used to create belt closures, strap connection points for overalls and aprons, attachment points for pet leashes and collars, and many other handy features. They're a great option for creating adjustable straps or adding a connection point to a variety of garments and projects.


What are the different types of D-Rings?

We offer Plastic D-Rings, Metal D-Rings, and D-rings with hooks.