Skirt & Pants Hooks and Bars


Heavy-Duty Skirt and Pants Hook & Eyes.

Create seamless, secure closures for pants and skirts with Skirt & Pant Hook and Bars. Larger and stronger than standard hook and eye closures, Skirt & Pant Hook and Bars are ideal for bottom-weight fabrics like those used for formal skirts, suits, and work wear. These heavy-duty hook and eye fasteners, also known as hook and bar closures, provide a hidden closure with a flat profile on overlapping edges for trousers, slacks, pants, skirts, and other garments. They're easy to attach—just sew them on by hand—and pair well with lapped zippers and waistbands. Extra heavy-duty pant hooks and eyes are available for particularly heavy fabrics. Choose from several styles of Skirt & Pant Hook and Bars to find the perfect durable, stylish closure for your garment sewing projects. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Skirt & Pants Hook & Bars

What are the advantages of using a hook and eye for pants?

Using a hook and eye instead of a button for pants offers a more sleek, minimal-looking closure because the hardware itself is hidden when closed. They’re an excellent option for formal wear, where a more seamless look might be desired.


How do you attach a hook and eye to fabric?

Hook and eyes can be attached by hand sewing. Each component of the fastener features loops to sew through; use a blanket stitch or your preferred technique to sew the hook and eye to the inside of an overlapping edge.