Clips & Clamps


Sewing Clips & Fabric Clamps Perfect For Vinyl and Leather Sewing.

If you're a bag sewer, you probably already know the challenges of working with materials like leather or vinyl that retain holes when punctured with a pin. That’s where Sewing Clips and Clamps are a game-changer! Keep materials securely in place without pins using WAWAK Sewing Clips, Wonder Clips, Fabric Clamps, Magic Clips, or one of our other handy styles of fabric clips. In addition to holding layers of fabric together, Sewing Pins are also perfect for temporarily securing thick fabric rolls, keeping paper patterns in place, and a variety of other helpful applications.

With their secure holds, convenience, and easy adjustability, Sewing Clips and Clamps are a versatile, must-have addition to any bag maker’s toolkit. Browse Sewing Clips and Clamps here to find the perfect fit for your projects.