Lining Fabric for Dresses, Coats, Pants and More.

Finish off the inside of a garment with a beautiful lining to match. Lining fabrics from WAWAK Sewing Supplies are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Use Lining Fabrics to keep a garment’s shape, hide seams and raw edges, and add a comfortable, wearable finish to the inside of a garment.

Lining Fabrics with a smooth, slippery finish such as Satin, Rayon/ Rayon Blends, and Viscose blends are ideal for coats, jackets, and sleeves due to their smooth, slippery finish which makes putting on and removing the garment easier. Cotton and Cotton blend linings are typically a bit heavier and more structured, making them a great choice for lining pockets and curves. Twill gives the garment a high-end feel and is the perfect lining for sport coats and suit jackets. For pant and skirt lining, try a flexible Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, or lightweight Twill Lining Fabric. Browse all Linings at WAWAK to find the perfect fit for your projects.