Sewing Hook & Eye Closures

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Sewing Hook & Eye Closures For Clothing, Gowns, Skirts, Pants, and More.

Find your next garment closure with Hook & Eye Fasteners for clothing at WAWAK. Sewing Hooks and Eyes are a simple, secure closure used for closing finished meeting and overlapping edges. Lighter-weight Hook & Eyes like Standard and Dress Hook & Eyes are small, lightweight, and subtle, ideal for bras and lingerie or as a finishing touch at the top of a skirt or gown zipper. Larger Hook & Eyes like Skirt/Pant Hook & Bar closures are sturdier and make an ideal closure for pants, skirts, trousers, and other overlapping closures. For even larger garments like overcoats and furs, there are specialty Fur/Coat Hook & Eyes, which are large enough to secure heavy garments. Choose from several sizes and styles of sewing hook and eyes at WAWAK—browse all of them here to find the perfect fastener.