Fabric Eyelets & Eyelet Hooks


Reinforce And Strengthen Fabric Openings With Fabric Eyelets.

Protect small fabric openings from friction and fraying with Eyelets from WAWAK. These small metal fabric eyelets are perfect for reinforcing functional or decorative holes in fabric like those used for drawstrings, shoelaces, lacing effects, and decorative accents. Adding an eyelet to a cut opening finishes the raw edge, helping to prevent the opening from fraying, widening, or tearing. This is especially important for things like drawstrings or laces, which can encounter a lot of friction with use. Eyelet tools like an eyelet setter and mallet or eyelet pliers are required to install eyelets in a piece of fabric. Browse all of our eyelets, eyelet tapes, and eyelet tools here to get started.




Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelets

How do you install eyelets?

Eyelets can be installed using a hammer and an eyelet setter (setter included with our Eyelets With Tools) or a pair of Eyelet Pliers. If you want to skip setting the eyelets yourself, you can also opt for Eyelet Tape and sew in a row of pre-set eyelets instead.


What’s the difference between eyelets and grommets?

Eyelets are typically smaller than grommets and consist of one piece that folds down to enclose the fabric. Grommets contain two parts (a ring and washer) that are pressed together.


What are your eyelets used for?

Eyelets are used to reinforce smaller holes like those used for shoelaces, drawstrings, belts, or corset lacing. Using an eyelet prevents the cut fabric hole from fraying, stretching, or tearing, and helps it withstand friction from items like laces or drawstrings.