Bra Hooks, Slides, Rings & Parts


Bra Hooks, Slides, Rings, and More Bra Hardware For Bra Making And Repair.

When it comes to bra making, there can be a lot of small, essential parts involved: bra hooks, strap slides, rings, underwires, and other bits of hardware that make your finished garments functional. Luckily, you can find them all in one place at WAWAK! Shop Bra Hooks, Slides, and Rings to find all the parts and fittings needed for your next bra-making or repair project. Choose from a selection of bra strap slides for adjustable straps, strap rings for attachment points and decorative accents, and underwires in a variety of sizes. Need to repair or modify an existing bra? Our replacement bra hooks and bra clips will help you get every detail just right. Shop all Bra Hooks, Slides, and Rings at WAWAK to find everything you need for your next bra-making project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Hooks, Slides, Rings & Parts

What materials are your bra accessories made from?

Most of our accessories like bra hooks, slides, rings, buckles, and clips are made of either metal or plastic. Accessories that are designed to rest against the skin like bra backs, underwire channeling, or lingerie strap guards are primarily made of fabrics like polyester or nylon (some with small plastic or metal components). Our bra underwires are made of stainless steel with cushioned tips.


How easy is it to replace bra hooks and eyes?

Replacing bra hooks and eyes should be a fairly easy task for most sewers. If the entire hook and eye section of the garment needs replacement, we offer Bra Back Repair kits to simplify the process. Simply remove the existing hook and eye sections, fold the replacement hook and eye tapes over the band in their place, and stitch around the edges for a quick, effective repair. If only a few hooks or eyes need replacing, you can also remove them and individually stitch replacement hooks and eyes in place by hand.


Which of these accessories will best help me adjust the size of the bra?

Bra Back Extenders can be used to add 1-3 inches to the band of a bra.