A&E Thread


A&E Heavy Duty Thread at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

Known for their robust professional-grade sewing threads, A&E Threads provides only the best in heavy-duty and industrial sewing threads. Great for workwear, protective gear, industrial sewing, outdoor furniture and clothing, and more, A&E Threads have you covered for even the toughest of sewing applications. For outdoor applications like tents, outdoor furniture, sails, or umbrellas, A&E Sunstop is a UV Resistant Thread that’s the perfect choice for outdoor sewing. Need a thread that holds up to high speed and high friction sewing? A&E Anefil is a Nylon Bonded Thread perfect for leather, vinyl, canvas, and industrial sewing. For extra heavy-duty applications like protective gear and industrial uses, A&E Kevlar and Nomex Threads are some of the strongest commercially available threads with added heat-resistant qualities. Browse A&E Threads here to find a professional-grade thread for your next project.