Waxed Silamide Thread


Waxed Silamide Threads for Fine Sewing and Beading.

High-end sewing requires a high-end thread: choose Waxed Silamide Threads for your delicate sewing needs. Waxed Silamide Threads consist of high-quality wax-coated nylon threads designed for fine hand sewing. Stronger than silk thread but equally light and smooth-textured, the soft texture and wax finish make these threads highly sewable and able to hold knots well—perfect for hand sewing, beading, and buttons. The wax coating provides these threads with an extra smooth finish and prevents tangling and fraying while hand sewing. Waxed Silamide Threads are often used as an alternative to Silk Thread for couture sewing, delicate fabrics, furs, and fine garments. Browse Waxed Silamide Threads to find a strong and soft thread for your fine and delicate sewing.