Waistband Elastic


Waistband Elastic For Every Style of Waistband.

No matter what style of waistband you’re sewing, you can find all the materials you need for stretch and structure at WAWAK. Whether you're sewing a new waistband, replacing worn-out elastic, or altering a waistband for better sizing, you're sure to find the right waistband elastic for your projects right here. Create a waistband that’s soft against the skin with Soft Waistband Elastic, ideal for quick and easy waistbands on garments like pajama pants, skirts, and more. Expand an existing waistband using a Maternity Panel or Buttonhole Waistband Elastic, which can be used to increase the size of a waistband for maternity or children's apparel. Add a waistband to sports wear like basketball shorts, joggers, yoga pants, and other sporting gear with Sport Waistband Elastic. Or, create a quick and convenient drawstring waistband with Drawcord Elastic. Shop Waistband Elastic to see all available sizes and styles of elastic for sewing waistbands.




Frequently Asked Questions About Waistband Elastic

How wide should waistband elastic be?

For most waistbands, elastic should be at least 1 inch wide. However, if the waistband is for children's clothing, or if you're using multiple rows of elastic, you might be able to use a thinner elastic.


What styles of waistband elastic do you offer?

In addition to standard Braided, Knitted, and Non-Roll Elastics, we offer specialty elastics for waistbands including Sport Waistband Elastic, Soft Waistband Elastic, Buttonhole Elastic, and Maternity Panels for maternity garments.