Plastic D-Rings


Plastic D-rings For Sewing Backpacks, Luggage, Outdoor Gear and More.

When you need a strong connection point on a casual or outdoor bag, Plastic D Rings are the perfect choice. Use these D-rings for sewing or repairing bags to create an attachment point for a swivel hook or strap, or provide a place to attach items like water bottles and keys. When used with a strap slide, two Plastic D-rings can also be used to form an adjustable strap. Made of durable polyacetal plastic, these plastic bag hardware essentials are ideal for projects like backpacks, fanny packs, luggage, sling bags, device cases, and other outdoor or casual bags. Shop Plastic D-rings and more plastic bag hardware here to find the sturdy fittings you need for any backpack or outdoor bag.




Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic D-Rings

What are Plastic D-rings used for?

In bag making, Plastic D-rings are often used as a connection point for straps on items like backpacks, fanny packs, and outdoor or sporting gear. Removable straps can be clipped to the D-ring with a swivel hook, or the strap can be looped directly through the D-ring for adjustable straps. Plastic D-rings are also often added to backpacks and hiking gear to provide extra attachment points for items like water bottles and outdoor accessories.


How strong are Plastic D-rings?

Our YKK Plastic D-rings have a breaking strength of 116 lbs.