Gel Bra Inserts


Gel Bra Cups For Gowns, Formal Wear, and More.

For bra cups with a bit more weight and cushion than standard bra cups, Gel Bra Inserts are an excellent choice. These gel bra cups feature a polyester covering and are filled with gel to provide firm but comfortable support. They're a bit heavier than standard foam bra cups and provide firmer support, so they're an excellent option for heavier garments like gowns, strapless dresses, formal wear, or swimsuits requiring firmer support. These bra cups can be sewn directly into a garment or lining; take extra care while sewing to sew only along the edges, avoiding puncturing the bra pad itself. Choose from several sizes and colors to find the perfect insert for your project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Gel Bra Inserts

What are the advantages of Gel Bra Cups?

Push-Up Gel Bra cups provide firmer support than other styles of bra cups without sacrificing comfort. The gel padding inside these inserts is comfortable to wear and helps shape and firm the bustline.


Can you sew Gel Bra Cups?

Yes you can—just take care to avoid puncturing the gel insert by sewing only around the edges of the bra pad when you apply it.


What is the difference between Gel Push Up Bra Cups and standard Push Up Bra Cups?

Our standard Push Up Bra Cups feature foam padding, where as the Gel Bra Cups contain gel padding made of medical grade mineral oil. The gel pads are slightly smaller with a more cushioned feel.