Twill Tapes


Reinforce Seams With Sturdy Cotton Twill Tape.

Sometimes your seams and edges need reinforcement—that’s where Twill Tape comes in handy! Strong and a bit flexible, this versatile fabric tape is used for a variety of sewing applications. Its woven herringbone construction makes cotton twill tape sturdier and stiffer than most fabric tapes. Use Twill Tape to stabilize seams and edges, reinforce buttons, bind raw fabric edges, create casings for elastic or cording, and more. Twill Tape is also an excellent option for creating items like drawstrings, apron ties, fabric labels, and garment tags. Find the perfect weight of cotton twill tape from fine to heavyweight, available in multiple sizes. Shop Twill Tape at WAWAK for high-quality cotton tapes, super-fast shipping, and outstanding customer service.




Frequently Asked Questions About Twill Tape

What is twill tape used for?

Due to its strength, Twill Tape is often used to reinforce garment areas like seams, cuffs and collars, or buttons and buttonholes. It can also be used to create casings, drawstrings, fabric ties, garment tags and labels, or to bind edges.


What is twill tape?

Twill tape is a strip of woven cotton fabric tape used for stabilizing seams and other sewing applications. It's available in multiple weights for use with different fabrics.


What is the difference between twill tape and bias tape?

Bias tape is a style of fabric tape used primarily for binding edges. It has a bit of stretch and is more suited for curved hems and seams. Twill tape, on the other hand, has no stretch and is mainly used to stabilize seams and prevent stretching.