Midweight Cotton Edge Twill Tape - 3/4" X 144 yds. - White

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Sewing Tape Styles For Binding And Facing

Hem Facing Tape

Hem Facings & Lace Binding

Choose from a variety of decorative facings and hem tapes. Perfect for binding or finishing hems of skirts, dresses, and more.  

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Binding Tape

Binding Tapes

Binding Tapes fold over a fabric edge for a neat, professional finish. Good for binding quilts, edges, hems, and more.

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Twill Tape | Twill Edge Tape

Twill Tape

Sturdy, woven fabric tape ideal for reinforcing seams and buttons, binding, and tie closures or drawstrings.

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Sew-In Stay Tape | Interfacing Roll

Sew-In Stay Tape

Lightweight stabilizer used to strengthen and add support to seams, necklines, waistlines, lapels, and more. 

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Twill Tape | Twill Edge Tape

Twill Tape for Seams, Edges, Tags, And More

For a sturdy, helpful sewing tape that’s great for a range of applications, try Twill Edge Tape. This cotton Twill Tape consists of a durable, flat sewing tape made of woven material that’s extra sturdy. Because of its woven herringbone construction, it has a bit of flexibility and is very strong. Twill Tape is suitable for a variety of applications: try using it to stabilize edges, reinforce seams and buttons, make casings or channels, bind edges, and more. It’s also an excellent choice for making tie closures, drawstrings, and labels—some sewers even print or stitch directly on the tape for use as a fabric tag. Choose from several weights of Twill Tape to match the weight of your fabric, plus several standard colors and a variety of sizes.