Fold Over Elastic


Finish Edges With Soft, Convenient Fold-Over Elastic.

Lightweight and ready-to-use Fold-Over Elastic is the ideal choice for undergarments, knit tops, and more. This style of elastic features an indentation down the center that makes it easy to fold over and encase a raw fabric edge, finishing the raw edge and adding stretch at the same time. Most commonly used for undergarments, It’s great for necklines and edges of stretchy garments like camisoles, underwear, children’s clothing, knit tops, and more. Choose from a variety of colors, including beige, white, and black foldover elastic.




Frequently Asked Questions About Fold-Over Elastic

What is Fold-Over Elastic used for?

Fold-Over Elastic is most commonly used to finish raw edges on knit garments like undergarments, pajamas, or children's clothing. The elastic folds over the fabric edge to encase it and finish with a stretchy edge.


What is the best stitch for foldover elastic?

A zigzag stitch is the best choice for stitching foldover elastic, as the stitch will be able to stretch with the material.