Swimwear Elastic


Swimwear Elastic For Bathing Suits, Swim Trunks, and More.

If you’re sewing a bathing suit, swim trunks, or other garment intended for use in the water, you’ll need an elastic that’s up to the job. Shop WAWAK Swimwear Elastics to find just the right elastic for your swimwear projects. Swimwear elastic not only adds stretch to garment areas like waistbands and necklines, it helps edges lay flat against the skin without rolling and overall helps maintain the structure of very stretchy garments. Our Swimwear elastics are unaffected by chlorine and saltwater and resistant to shrinking. Choose from cotton swimwear elastic and plastic swimwear elastic to find the perfect fit for your swimwear projects.




Frequently Asked Questions About Swimwear Elastic

Are your Swimwear Elastics safe for chlorinated water?

All of our swimwear elastics can safely be submerged in chlorinated water. Cotton Swimwear Elastic can also tolerate saltwater, chlorine, oil, and solvents.


What is the difference between swimwear elastic and regular elastic?

Unlike most other elastics, Cotton Swimwear Elastic is made of a cotton/rubber blend so it's able to withstand saltwater and chlorine.