Hook and Bar Closures for Pants


Hook And Bar Closures For Pants, Skirts, and More.

Choose a durable, sleek closure for pants, skirts, and other garments with Hook and Bar Closures. These strong closures can be used to fasten lapped waistbands. They’re attached to the inside of the overlapping edges, forming a hidden closure with a low profile for a sleek, uninterrupted look. For easy installation, try our 4-part No-Sew Hook and Bar Closures. They’re easy to install—the fasteners are pronged, so no sewing is required to apply them. Or, opt for a Sew-On Hook and Bar Closure to hand stitch the fastener in place. Hook and Bar Closures are commonly used for dress pants, trousers, slacks, formal skirts, and even jeans, often used above a lapped zipper instead of a button. Shop Hook and Bar Closures here for a secure, sleek closure perfect for formal wear and other garment styles.




Frequently Asked Questions About Hook & Bar Closures

What is a hook and bar closure?

A Hook and Bar is a style of closure used to fasten lapped waistbands. Similar to a hook and eye, the closure features a flat hook and bar that join together to fasten overlapping fabric edges. They’re excellent closures for dress pants, trousers, skirts, and formal wear. 


How are no-sew hook and bar closures attached?

Our no-sew hook and bar closures are pronged, allowing you to apply them without specialized tools or sewing. Simply push the metal prongs through the fabric to the inside of the garment, place the back plate behind the piece of hardware, and fold the prongs down using a screwdriver to secure it in place.